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Being arrested for a crime can have severe consequences both personally and professionally. A conviction can be even more devastating. If your criminal record contains arrests or charges, you may face obstacles to housing and professional opportunities. At Boswell Legal Group, we can help clear your record and protect your future.

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Expunctions in the Denton County Courts

Expunction (also known as expungement) is the process through which your criminal record is cleared or erased. This option is only available under limited circumstances, but is especially useful in situations when clients have been arrested but never prosecuted or found not guilty at trial. Even if charges are dismissed or you are never prosecuted following an arrest, these events must be affirmatively removed from your record to prevent others from gaining knowledge of the incident.

Why Seek an Expunction?

Although your criminal matters may be behind you, they can continue to affect your life. You may not be aware that your criminal record is essentially public information, easily accessible to millions over the Internet. A criminal history can affect your ability to gain employment, rent an apartment, successfully file a loan application or carry a firearm. If these are concerns of yours, the expungement attorneys at our firm may be able to help clear your criminal record.

Another option for protecting your privacy and criminal history is through a non-disclosure order. However, you must have successfully completed deferred adjudication probation.

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Eligibility for expunction (expungement) varies. Our experienced lawyers will consult with you and see what solutions work for you. Contact Boswell Legal Group online or call us at 1-800-927-4652 toll-free or 940-382-4711 for a free and confidential consultation.