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At the Denton, Texas, office of Boswell Legal Group, P.C., we believe every client deserves individualized attention and strive to represent our clients with integrity and professionalism. Any criminal charge or conviction could have serious consequences. People are often surprised to learn of the collateral consequences which can result from arrests or convictions. Those collateral consequences range from difficulties obtaining housing, professional licenses, and federal funding for school to travel restrictions, immigration problems and driver’s license suspensions. That is why our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family, regardless of whether it is through trial, attempting to get your charges dismissed or keeping the conditions of probation or length of your sentence to a minimum.

We tailor our approach to the needs of our clients. We understand that people facing criminal charges are often worried about their future, and what impact a conviction will have on their educational or career opportunities, as well as their reputation and their relationships with family and friends. Because our practice is focused entirely on criminal defense and related matters, we can devote the time and resources necessary to give each client the personal attention that they need.

Attorney Joseph Boswell, former Denton County prosecutor, has considerable experience in a range of criminal law matters, including:

We also help clients seek alternative options like deferred adjudication or diversion programs as well as handling post-trial matters like expunctions.

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From our years of experience in the criminal justice system, we know that evidence can be improperly collected and handled, warrants are not always executed correctly and that relevant witnesses are not always interviewed. That is why at the law office of Boswell Legal Group, we work hard to identify police misconduct, violations of your constitutional rights and mishandling of evidence as possible defenses. If misconduct, improper procedure or constitutional violations are shown, we may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

At Boswell Legal Group, we make sure that the prosecution has to solidly prove every element of their case. We aggressively question the motives of prosecutors in not pursuing other suspects, plea-bargaining with known criminals for testimony against our client, not questioning inconsistencies in eyewitness testimony, not recording interrogations and not offering valid reasons why our client was initially stopped.

Achieving the Best Possible Outcome in Denton Texas

Through years of experience in the criminal justice system, we are well aware that law enforcement can make mistakes in the collection and handling of evidence as well as in procuring and executing warrants. Law enforcement may fail to interview all relevant witnesses or fail to investigate fully before charging persons with crimes. At Boswell Legal Group, we work hard to identify possible defenses such as police misconduct and violations of your constitutional rights. In some cases these errors or violations can assist us in getting charges dismissed or reduced.

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“In life bad things can happen to good people. Having found myself in such a position I was extremely fortunate to find Boswell Legal Group. Completely professional and understanding in every aspect. Fortunately the situation has been reversed and I thank the Boswell Group deeply!” – MH

“I am grateful for you as my attorney, took the time to listen and were sensitive to my feeling. Your attention to details is well appreciate. ” – GS

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