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Thousands of Texas motorists are convicted of drunk driving each year. Many of these convictions are the direct result of breath or blood alcohol tests. While motorists always have the option of refusing these tests, they may encounter a larger legal obstacle by doing so. Law enforcement officials are now obtaining blood search warrants at the scene of DWI/DUI arrests.

At Boswell Legal Group, we have helped countless clients minimize the impact of a drunk driving conviction or avoid charges altogether. In every DWI/DUI case, we carefully examine the evidence gathered through field tests and determine whether the proper procedures were followed by law enforcement. Was the Intoxilyzer properly calibrated? Was the police officer properly trained to administer the test? Were you made aware of your rights regarding the test? We find answers to these critical questions.

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Blood Search Warrants

Texas law enforcement officials can not force a DWI suspect to take a blood or breathalyzer test except in limited circumstances. However, police officers are now requesting and obtaining blood search warrants for sobriety testing at the scene of the arrest.

If a drunk driving suspect refuses a breath or blood alcohol test, law enforcement may contact an on-call judge or attorney magistrate who can authorize a blood search warrant. If you have been charged with DUI/DWI and a blood search warrant was granted, contact our law office for professional legal advice.

DWI Penalties in Texas

[highlight1 variation=”silver” bgColor=”#a88ca8″]If convicted of drunk driving in Texas, you face a number of serious penalties. A first-time DWI conviction can result in up to 6 days in jail, fines of up to $2,000, a license suspension of up to 1 year, and a surcharge in order to maintain a driver’s license. The surcharge is an annual fee of $1,000 for three years, or $2,000 if the driver’s blood alcohol content was double the legal limit.[/highlight1]

Challenging Breath and Alcohol Blood Tests

In any drunk driving defense case, we first determine if there was reasonable suspicion for the stop and then investigate whether there was probable cause for the arrest. Next, we analyze the results of the breath or blood alcohol tests and investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Rest assured, we will do all that is necessary to protect your rights and your liberty.

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