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Convictions for assault and battery or domestic violence carry serious consequences in Denton County. Convictions for violent crimes will affect your ability to rent an apartment, obtain meaningful employment, qualify for a loan or carry a gun. Accusations of family violence can also be significant in divorce proceedings – especially where child custody and spousal support are at issue. At the Denton, Texas, law offices of Boswell Legal Group, we understand the implications of a conviction for any violent crime, so we work hard to minimize the consequences you face.

What Constitutes Assault in Texas? Do You Need An Assault Defense Attorney?

One of the most common types of alleged assault crime violations in Texas is the Class A Misdemeanor Assault Causes Bodily Injury involving a Family Member. It’s important to understand that as far as Texas state law is concerned, a family member includes any of the following:

  • Your current spouse and/or any ex-spouses you may have
  • Anyone currently living in your house with you
  • Anyone you used to date or are currently dating
  • Anyone you have a child with
  • Any of your children

In most cases, charges arise when a heated argument takes place between people who are married or dating, though this is not always the case. Any time an argument escalates to the point where pushing, pulling, grabbing, and hitting and the police become involved, this is the kind of charge that will result.

In most cases, when this happens in Texas, someone will be taken to jail. This is true even when the other person involved in the incident doesn’t wish to press charges. In Texas, family violence is a legal area where the state takes over. It is not up to the victims whether or not an arrest is made.

Assault is not just limited to this example. It also includes:

  • Stalking
  • Harassment, threats, and other kinds of verbally abusive behavior
  • Any kind of physical violence

What Are the Possible Penalties if Convicted in an Assault or Domestic Violence Charge?

There are the legally assessed penalties you face, and then there are those that come after, the long-term repercussions. The long-term consequences can include any of the following:

  • Losing custody of your children due to there being a family violence conviction on your record.
  • Prohibitions that prevent you from doing several things such as owning a firearm.
  • Possible home eviction
  • Restraining orders

If convicted, you will also serve jail time and be fined. The amount of which depends on both the severity of the charges brought against you and the circumstances of your case, like whether or not this is a first-time offense.

Experienced Assault and Battery Defense Attorneys

Our criminal defense lawyers begin every representation by closely examining your case and assessing the possible variables. We search for improper documentation or inconsistencies in police reports and law enforcement procedural failures. We also conduct independent investigations of parties filing assault or family violence charges to uncover possible ulterior motives for bringing such actions. In our experience, we have seen people allege assault as a ploy to keep their spouse from getting custody of the children or to increase the odds of being awarded property during a divorce proceeding.

We Can Answer Your Questions about Domestic Violence or Assault

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